• What is Car Advertising?

    Car advertising is a way for drivers to earn money by advertising on the exterior of their car. We transform your daily commute into extra income.

  • Do I have to pay anything to get started?

    No. You don't have to pay anything to be part of this service.

  • What are the qualifications to become a driver?

    -Drive at least 30 miles / day.
    -Have a clean driving record.
    -Own a 2000 model car or newer.
    -Own a clean, sound condition vehicle with no paint damage.

  • When can I start?

    Once approved we will match you with a campaign offers available in your area or match you with our nationwide campaign. The approval process takes only a few days.

  • How much money will I make?

    Our standard payment is $300/week for Partial Wrap and $400/week for Full Wrap.

  • When and how often are drivers paid?

    Drivers will be mailed a check every week.

  • Can I wrap a leased vehicle?

    Yes. Since the wrap can be removed without harming the vehicle, there are no restrictions against wrapping a leased car.

  • How would I get my car wrapped?

    Our professional installers will come to your location(home or office) to install the wrap on your car and takes it off at the end of campaign.
    It takes about:
    -30-60 minutes for partial wrap (both side of the car with an option of back window).
    -4-6 hours for full wrap style (entire car with the exception of the front window and the side front windows). The window wrap is a transparent perforated decal.

  • What are the wraps made of?

    These are high quality 3M vinyl decals. These ads are easily removable and will not damage your paint.

  • Will the wrap damage my car?

    No. It actually preserves the paint of the car.

  • Are drivers considered an independent contractor or employee?

    Drivers are independent contractor and will receive a 1099 for tax purposes. No health insurance. None of our drivers are considered employees.

  • How long can I have the AD on my car?

    The campaign typically runs for a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 1 year.

  • Can a driver have more than one vehicle wrapped?

    No. Drivers are linked to a single vehicle. One wrapped car to one driver.

  • Is there a minimum number of miles I have to drive daily?


  • Do I get to pick what brand goes on my car?

    Yes. You are free to choose your preferred brand from the on-going campaign available.

  • Who pays for the installation and removal of the wrap?

    We pay for the installation and removal of the wrap on your vehicle. The installation and removal fee will be provided upfront.

  • What if the wrap damages my car paint?

    From many years of experience, we have never had any issue of damaged paint caused by the wrap. In any case where it comes up, we will take full responsibility for the cost of repairs.

  • Do you offer any referral bonus?


  • How does this affect my auto insurance coverage?

    Our drivers are Independent Contractors and are always advised never to drive around for the sake of advertising they should only drive for personal reasons. If an accident occurs, your personally held auto-liability coverage is still in effect.

  • How do we contact people for this offer?

    Through email marketing and online ADs.

  • Do you have someone who have previously done this I can contact for verification?

    Unfortunately, our privacy policies cannot allow us release any of our previous/current driver information to third party.

  • I have read about some car wrap scam online, how do I know this is not one?

    ADSolution has been receiving more and more notifications that scammers are using our good company name and address to try and trick drivers. Note: ADSolution will never ask for money from our drivers. Secondly, so you can be sure that you are speaking with a real ADSolution representative, we will only ever contact you from an email address.